The Oystergate Scandal Email

I received the email below today and wanted to share it. I welcome your comments.

"I'm sending you this email because desperately we need your help to save the Drakes Bay Oyster Farm.

As you probably know, Kevin and Nancy Lunny lease their oyster farm property from the National Park Service. This lease is set to expire within the next growth cycle of their oysters so it is very important to get the lease renewed as soon as possible. Unfortunately there are those in the Park Service who are not supportive of local farmers and they are doing everything they can to prevent the lease from being extended.

The decision to renew the lease is in the hands of the Secretary of Interior, Ken Salazar. It is extremely important that Secretary Salazar hear from citizens who want the oyster farm to stay in business. This is where we need your help. Please take a minute and go to this web site that we created to tell the story, , watch the video then click the "Take Action" button and enter your name to send a letter to Secretary Salazar and others in Washington. It will really make a difference.

Also, if you could please forward this email to all of your friends and ask their help it will make a huge difference in whether the oyster farm stays in business or not.

Thank you so much,

Nicole Adams
Supporters of Drakes Bay Oyster Farm
and sustainable agriculture in West Marin, California."