Food Network Challenge - McMurray and Stiles

Tonight's episode of Food Network Challenge featured Fastest Foods. Among the head-to head-competitions was an attempt to shuck the most oysters in 1 minute. The Guinness World Record was on the line. The current Guinness World Record is 33 oysters in 1 minute. The contestants were Patrick McMurray and Scott Stiles. After time expired they each shucked 31 oysters. A good attempt at the record!

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Recently, McMurray set a world record when he separated 38 oysters from their shells in China. See World Record Academy for more information. But he doesn't just open oysters, he has written one of the best books on the market, and in my bookshelf, Consider the Oyster, and runs the famous Starfish Oyster Bed & Grill and The Ceili Cottage: Irish Local.

Scott Stiles has also been competing and winning oyster shucking competitions for years. Some of his accomplishments include:
- Winning the 2004 and 2005 National Oyster Shucking Championship
- 2006 - Finishing 4th in the National Oyster Shucking Championship
-1996 - He opened two dozen more oysters than anyone else.

How many oysters can you shuck in 1 minute?

H.M. Terry Co, Inc. - Sewansecott Oysters

OystersIt was a spectacular treat from Hog Island Bay, Virginia that we enjoyed today! The Sewansecott Oysters from H.M. Terry Co, Inc. were fresh, having been harvested on June 2nd and in my house on June 3rd and wow, what flavor! I could smell and taste the ocean and all of us thoroughly enjoyed the salty taste! These oysters are a must try. If you can't find them where you get your oysters, just call 757-442-7777 and Heather will gladly take your order.
Sewansecott Oysters
I can't believe I've been eating oysters for so long and didn't know about these. So, what did we learn today other than how great they taste and how fresh they arrive at your door?

These Virginia oysters originated in 1903, under the care of Henry Terry's brand of oysters, the Sewansecott. Today, 106 years later, they are still grown and harvested in Hog Island Bay on the eastern shore of Virginia, among 80 miles of a protected ocean and wildlife reserve. The Sewansecott brand is known for dedication to ecology, biological preservation and sustainability.

Plate of Raw Oysters Their oysters are so fresh from the ocean they have a remarkable salty finish that makes them irresistible. Most of the oysters we received were medium to large in size and had a meaty, solid texture. The salty, briny finish yielded an addictive oyster.

My shipment arrived around 10:30 AM but a busy day didn't allow me to open the package until 6:30 PM. They were shipped via UPS next-day air, and packaged in a nice box, covered with an ice pack. For my order, each and every oyster was alive and filled with liquor. They were simple to shuck and because of the great taste we enjoyed them as is. No lemon, no cocktail sauce, no mignonette.

To learn more, see the new H.M. Terry Co website. You can read about their story, and learn more about their oysters. When you place your order with Heather, tell her that Josh from Go Shuck An Oyster sent you. I promise you, you will enjoy this rare treat as much as we did.