A First Experience

An email from a reader:

"Surprisingly, until recently if you had put an oyster in front of me I would have cringed and pushed it away. While I have been an avid seafood eater my whole life, the idea of eating a raw, slimy oyster, as it is to many people today (not you of course), disgusted me. I was surrounded by them growing up, as my friends and family have been oyster eaters for as long as I can remember, but the idea of slurping one back just never appealed to me.

One day I was out with some friends at a local seafood joint. A few people ordered a HUGE platter of oysters, and while I insisted that I had no interest in trying one, they refused to take no for an answer. Maybe it was seeing how much the other people at the table were enjoying these super fresh oysters, or maybe it was because I had a handful of beers in me at this point, but I grabbed one, threw some lemon and cocktail sauce on that bad boy, and threw it back. It was love at first bite. I proceeded to put a down a half-dozen that night and never looked back. Within a few days, one of my salty, Cape Cod friends taught me how to shuck an oyster (it's all your fault, Sherman) and my passion for the crustaceans took off!!! I went out and got my first oyster knife, and before I knew it, I was buying oysters 3 nights a week for months! Soon, I was going to oyster festivals, hitting up various local oyster bars, finding the cheapest places in the area to buy oysters to shuck at home, etc."

I love your blog and wanted to share my story.