Go Shuck An Oyster's 10 Best of 2009

Here is the 10 best of the best from 2009:

10. Best Charitable Gift Option

The Massachusetts Oyster Project (MOP) MassOysterCard by Capital One is our pick for 2009 Best Charitable Gift Option.

The Massachusetts Oyster Project (MOP) is dedicated to the restoration of oysters to marine estuaries initially in the Boston area. Donations can be made by paypal, by mailing a check or by signing up for and using the MassOysterCard, a Capital One credit card. It has no fee, and if you use it once, they donate $25 to MOP. And 1% of all your purchases go to MOP. It is a painless way to give to a great cause. For more information visit them online by clicking here.

9. Best Guest Contributor Story
Bryan Kurzman, you have the title of 2009 Best Guest Contributor Story.

We receive a lot of emails at josh@goshuckanoyster.com (keep the coming!) and some of the emails we publish for our readers to enjoy. Several people enjoyed Bryan's discovery of an oyster stand at his local town fair. The original story is online by clicking here.

8. Best Oyster Shucking Gloves

Several of our readers liked the $4.49 glove mentioned here, while others chose a higher quality glove like this one and even this glove.

7. Best 'Free Knife' for my Blog Followers

With the coupon code: GoShuck, you'll receive a free shucking knife when placing an order for oysters or any other seafood with Farm 2 Market. See a review here or place your order here.

6. Best Volunteer Gig
Mass Oyster Project Placement Event

I had a blast helping out the good folks of MOP. They even gave me waders and put me to work in the water. Who knew a day helping them would get my picture in the Boston Herald. Read about the event here and here.

5. Best Will-Work-For-Oysters Experience
A Day with Aaron and Eric of The Big Rock Oyster Company

Oh, how we enjoyed a sunny July 2009 day on an oyster bed in Crowes Pasture. Read about the experience here. I look forward to spending a day or two with them again in 2010!

4. Best Author
Rowan Jacobsen

But you knew this already. Right?! If you didn't, what are you waiting for - order his books today for yourself or for someone you know who loves oysters. 2009 featured Jacobsen's newest book, The Living Shore. Our all time favorite book is still his, "A Geography of Oysters".

3. Best Festival
B&G Oyster Invitational

Unfortunately this year, due to circumstances beyond our control, we are not able to attend two festivals that would have been considered for title of Best Festival, The Wellfleet Oyster Fest and Island Creek Oyster Fest but take nothing away from B&G, the food was fabulous, the wine pairing blew us away and the class at Stir on Discovering your Oyster Palate was worth every penny. Also to rub shoulders with oyster celebrities like author Rowan Jacobson, the worlds fastest shucker William Chopper Young and Boston's best wine sommelier Cat Silirie to name a few. See our recap of the day here.

2. Best "Local" Oyster
Island Creek - hands down.

Okay, you know we are located on the East Coast, more specifically on the South Shore of Massachusetts. Island Creeks are everywhere around here but when I pick them up in Duxbury, damn they are tasty and fresh!

With several different people harvesting oysters in East Dennis, it should make for an interesting 2010 Best "Local" Oyster contest.

1. Best Shipped Oyster
Farm 2 Market

I often buy oysters from far away so I can try different ones. I am also fortunate enough to receive emails at josh@goshuckanoyster.com from a farm or store asking me if they can ship me some oysters or other seafood to sample. I'll gladly sample fresh oysters and seafood! If it's good, I'll even mention it on my blog and/or website. If it's not good, I'll still mention it on my blog and/or website so you better be proud of your product before you ask me to taste it and share my thoughts.

Why Farm 2 Market? I love my oysters fresh! They shipped me a ton of food over 3000 miles to demonstrate to me the freshness. My entire staff was quickly convinced and stuffed after a great meal. Read our review here.

I wish all of my readers a happy, healthy and shuckin' great 2010!