Stand Up Paddle Board Motor Options - SUP Motors

Here are three options for an electric motor for your Stand Up Paddle Board.

An electric motor adds an element of versatility to your SUP experience. It allows you to use your board for traditional paddling and motorized exploration. 

Whether you're in the mood for a relaxing paddle or a faster-paced cruise, having the option to switch between manual and electric power makes your SUP a more versatile recreational tool.

Compatible with SUP Board/Stand Up Paddle Board/Body Board/Kayak/Boogie Board

  • The Subnado underwater scooter is about the size of a small soda bottle. It delivers up to 14.33 lbs of thrust thanks to its proprietary, highly efficient propulsion system. 
  • Easy control finger-ring controller lets you control the Subnado scooter comfortably on your SUP/boogie/body board or kayak with a single finger. 
  • 3-speed gear with cruise mode. Adjust the thrust level and speed by switching between 3 gears with the finger-ring controller.

Kayak Accessory - MotorThe Aqua Jet is a fin-mountable waterproof electric propeller that slides in the center fin mount. It can be used as a fin replacement for Stand Up Paddleboards with a removable fin that slides on and off. If your Stand Up Paddleboard utilizes a snap-in fin with a screw to secure it, you will need an adapter.) Available on Amazon for ($14.95) 

Our Choice for a Stand-Up Paddle Board (SUP) Motor:

Revolutionize your paddleboarding experience with the Boost Fin – the electric motor that hooks up to any board in just 5 minutes, installing seamlessly like any other fin. Designed for surfers or SUP users who crave extended sessions, the Boost Fin's power-packed battery provides incredible session time:

  • SUP Assistance Mode: Lasts up to 100 minutes.
  • Trolling Mode: Lasts up to 70 minutes.
  • Wind/Current Resistance Mode: Lasts up to 40 minutes.
Crafted with precision using premium Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer and durable ABS Plastic, the Boost Fin weighs a mere 2.7 lbs, ensuring you'll hardly feel it on your board. Its shock-resistant body is ready for rough seas, designed to take hits and keep you cruising.

The Boost Fin doesn't just lighten your load; it adds powerful thrust to your watercraft, delivering a maximum thrust of 20 lbs. Its propeller pitch, blade surface, and feathering prop are meticulously designed to minimize drag and resistance, providing an impressive speed and agility boost.

Take command of your ride with the remote control, allowing for adjustable speed. The Boost Fin is not just a fin; it's a game-changer that puts you in control of your paddleboarding adventure. Experience enhanced performance, extended sessions, and a newfound sense of control on the water with the Boost Fin.

An electric motor opens new possibilities for paddle-boarders, allowing you to glide on the water effortlessly. Enjoy the thrill of using your SUP without the effort or fatigue.

5 Reasons to Purchase an Electric Motor for SUPs

Stand-Up Paddle Boards (SUPs) are becoming increasingly popular, and electric motors can enhance the paddling experience in various ways. Here are five reasons to consider purchasing an electric motor for your SUP: 
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**Extended Range and Reduced Fatigue:** - An electric motor allows you to cover more distance with less physical effort. This is particularly beneficial for long paddles, exploring larger bodies of water, or dealing with challenging conditions like strong currents or wind. With the assistance of the motor, you can extend your range and spend more time enjoying the scenery without feeling fatigued. 

**Adaptability to Different Conditions:** - Electric motors provide flexibility in different water conditions. Whether you're paddling against a strong current, dealing with headwinds, or navigating through choppy waters, the electric motor can help you maintain a steady and controlled pace. This adaptability makes it easier to handle a variety of environmental challenges. 

Paddle Board Motor**Speed and Efficiency:** - Electric motors offer a speed boost, allowing you to cruise at a faster pace than traditional paddling. This can be especially advantageous if you're using your SUP for fitness or training purposes. The motor can provide a consistent speed, making it easier to maintain a workout routine and achieve fitness goals. 

**Easier Navigation:** - Electric motors make navigation more straightforward. They provide better control over your SUP, especially in crowded or busy waterways. Whether you need to navigate around obstacles or safely approach a dock, the motor's precise control can enhance your ability to maneuver with ease. 

**Accessibility for All Skill Levels:** - Electric motors make stand-up paddleboarding more accessible to individuals of varying skill levels. Beginners can benefit from the assistance of the motor while they develop their paddling technique. Additionally, individuals with physical limitations or those who may not have the strength for prolonged paddling can still enjoy the SUP experience with the help of the motor. 

When considering an electric motor for your SUP, be sure to research the specific models available, taking into account factors such as battery life, ease of installation, and the motor's compatibility with your paddleboard.