Shellfish Cooking Rack

The BBQ Oyster Grill.

To tell you the truth, I had seen the BBQ Oyster Grill online at and I passed on ordering it for two reasons:

1. I don't grill too many oysters.  I like them raw, fresh from the ocean.

2. On those few occasions when I had grilled oysters, I didn't see anything wrong with placing them on the grill one by one and removing each oyster, one at a time.  After all, what other option did I have?

But,  after a tweet from Charlie at BBQ Oyster Grill, I decided to try his product.  

oyster shellfish grill rackIt arrived as promised and was well packaged including tips and instructions.

I picked up 60 oysters for four of us to test the BBQ Oyster Grill.

Right away, I loved that after an oyster was shucked, it rested nicely on the BBQ Oyster Grill without spilling.

15 oysters fit easily for our first round of grilling.

We added shaved smoked cheddar cheese and chopped chorizo sausage to most, and BBQ sauce to a few. 

how to grill a raw oyster
The Grill cooked the oysters simultaneously for even cooking and consistent results.   Instead of placing each oyster individually, we just placed the entire rack on the grill.

grilling oysters

After about five minutes of cooking time,  I used two tongs to remove the Grill and placed the entire BBQ Oyster Grill on a serving try.

People enjoyed selecting a grilled oyster right from the rack and I enjoyed not having to remove each oyster from the hot grill, one at a time. 

Our guests loved the oysters and the display the Grill offered.  They asked if they could borrow the grill for their Easter party and if it fits their grill, they plan to order one or two.  I'll need to order a second Grill for two reasons:

1.  The 11" x 16" (1/2 sheet pan) fits half my Char-Broil Grill so I have the space for a second grill.

2.  For me, grilling 15 oysters at a time is nice for a small crowd, but I often have a large crowd so grilling 30 oysters at once will be better. 

If you plan to grill oysters, the BBQ Oyster Grill is worth every penny.   You will not be disappointed with this product!

You can buy the grill online at or by calling Charlie at 707-481-0128.  Be sure to tell him, Josh from Go Shuck An Oyster sent you.


  1. Oysters are so expensive in the UK I have never cooked them and, as they taste so wonderful raw, I have never been tempted to do so. Can they actually taste any better than raw?

  2. Sarah "B" RichardsApril 11, 2012 at 2:39 PM

    We cannot wait to purchase our own oyster grilling rack! It worked beautifully for our Easter party-thanks for lending it to us Josh! And to DJ-yes, oysters can taste so yummy grilled! You have to be sure to get the right chorizo-not sure which one we got, but it wasn't exactly like the kind we first had with Josh. The second round we pan sauteed the bits of chorizo prior to grilling and it made all the difference! Also, we need to find that yummy sweet/smoky/spicy bbq sauce we tried on them-it was SO good!