Oysters for MS Research

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Here at Go Shuck An Oyster we are proud to support Laughing All the Way to a Cure in their fundraising efforts for MS Research. It's an honor to know and be friends with Stephanie who leads one of the top teams raising money to help find a cure for MS. She is inspirational in her fight against the disease that affects more than 2.3 million people worldwide. 

To help raise money, we recently held an oyster and wine tasting event.

big rock oysters cape cod
Big Rock Oyster Company was our lead donor. They provided us with an abundance of oysters and quahogs for our event. Located near beautiful waters on Cape Cod, Big Rock Oyster Company farms oysters and provides wholesale seafood locally and nationally. Learn more about them online here. If you're a reader of this blog, you know oysters from Big Rock are among our favorites! When you see them on a menu, order them and enjoy! If you find yourself in or near Massachusetts, make a trip to their headquarters in Harwich, MA for oysters and seafood.

wine with oysters
Proud Pour provided a bottle of wine and they are an amazing company.  Not just because of their great wine but because they "cheers to change" by donating money to oyster related non profits who work to clean waters and restore ecosystems with oysters. Learn more about Proud Pour online here, and find your local wine shop that carries the wines here. We hope that you will support Proud Pour so they can continue to do their work to help make our waters cleaner.

We can't give enough thanks to all those who donated and attended our event. Each and every dollar raised went directly to MS research. Stephanie and her teams have raised over $150,000 to help those with MS.

It is never too late to donate. To make a donation to MS research, through our event, see http://main.nationalmssociety.org/goto/oysterevent

To donate product or silent auction items to future fundraisers, or to our next MS fundraiser, please reach out to us at josh@goshuckanoyster.com.

Before Shucking Oysters, Consider Proper Supplies

Thinking about opening oysters yourself? Good, you came to the right place. Shucking oysters isn't too difficult, especially with the right supplies. With the proper tools, such as an oyster knife (not a screwdriver), and protective gloves (not snow gloves), you should have a great time and a safe experience opening oysters.

Here are some supplies that you might want to consider:

For Safety:

Oyster Knife

An oyster knife is one of the most important tools for opening an oyster. Currently, I often find myself using a knife by Toadfish. Here is an example:

Oyster Glove

Another must-have item for opening oysters is a safe glove. Consider a cut resistant glove, like this one:

For Fun:

Oysters should be fun! Otherwise, what's the point!?

I find having mini disposable forks around when serving oysters helpful and fun.
Here are two options:

Looking to really step up your oyster game? Shaved ice might help.Why shaved ice? It's great for plating/serving oysters and for keeping your oysters cold. 
If you're thinking about grilling your oysters, try a Cast Iron Oyster Pan:

Need More Help Opening Oysters?

If you're afraid of using an oyster shucking knife or if you think you might need additional help opening oysters, consider the following:

Whatever you decide, just be safe and have fun. Now, get some supplies and then Go Shuck An Oyster!

8 Unique Oyster Themed Gifts

We love all things related to oysters. Here are some unique gifts, available on Etsy, you or your loved one might want for yourself or to give as a gift this upcoming holiday season:

1. Decorate your home with some color and show your love for oysters with an oyster pillow cover:

oyster gift

2. Keep those hands extra safe when shucking or opening oysters. Gloves can get wet and smelly. This unique product is sure to please the oyster shucker you know:

3. Is it time to add a high qualify oyster knife to your collection? If so, this one will make most shuckers very happy this holiday season:

oyster knife free shipping

4. Who doesn't like these decorative signs? Hang them around your house, shed, garage or anywhere to add a little bit of the ocean to your surroundings:

oyster beach sign

5. A ring like no other I have seen before! Complete with a pearl and starfish. A must have gift for someone who thought they had it all:


6. Is it time to fill an empty wall with fine art? Why not choose this beautiful original oil oyster painting:

oyster oil painting

7. Okay, Okay! We know it's not an oyster but we love lobsters too! This cute bib is a must buy for those new parents who enjoy lobsters the size of their newborn. We recently purchased this as a gift for a friend (baby Will) and it was a big hit! So adorable and very affordable:

lobster bib for baby

8. Seafood ornaments make great decorations this time of year. Thees four are very pretty and make a great gift to give:

Please enjoy the gift of giving gifts this holiday season! Choose a gift from our list for the oyster or seafood lover in your life and we trust they will be pleased.

Review of the Toadfish Outfitters Oyster Knife

I have been shucking oysters for many years and I have a few knives that I tend to use more than others. In particular, I have three favorites that I use most of the time. It is rare that a new knife becomes one of my go-to knives but that just happened with the Put em’ Back Oyster Knife by Toadfish that we recently tested.

Things that make this knife unique and earn a top spot in our rotation include the color, the beauty, the well designed Toadfish™ blade, and most importantly: the contoured handle. The knife has a substantial feel and weight, and a longer blade with a narrow but blunt tip. 

The handle, made out of recycled and sustainable materials, has a comfortable and slip-free indentation for your thumb and one for your index finger. This allows for added safety and comfort while shucking.

The knife "was developed from generations of oystermen. It combines all the elements of a traditional oyster knife with a modern look at ergonomics and the physics of shucking an oyster perfectly and safely," the Toadfish website describes. 

Did we mention the warranty yet? I don't think any of my other knives came with a warranty. The Toadfish oyster knife comes with a two-year limited warranty. They will either repair or replace your knife if it has defects. 

Do you feel better about supporting products and brands that give back? Well, you will be pleased to know that for every product purchased, Toadfish donates the funds needed to plant 10 sq. feet of oyster habitat. By now, we hope all of our readers understand the benefits of oysters in our waters. For those who do not, when your Toadfish knife arrives in the mail just look at the packaging for a reminder that "a single oyster filters 60 gallons of water per day."

Additionally, Toadfish has partnered with the Coastal Conservation Association of South Carolina and has recently donated twenty thousand dollars to the organization's habitat efforts. With a motto of "shuck, recycle, rebuild," Toadfish is living up to its mission of being a good corporate citizen.

Other Toadfish products that might interest you:
oyster knifeWhen you shop at Toadfish, tell them your friends at Go Shuck an Oyster sent you and then comment below to let us know what you think of their oyster shucking knife. 

If you prefer to shop at Amazon, the Toadfish oyster shucking knife can be found on Amazon by clicking here. At the time of this post, all four reviews on Amazon rated the knife with 5 stars.