Oyster Week at Sudbury Farms in Sudbury Massachusetts

sudbury farms roche bros
By Jay Atlas

I had the pleasure of tasting the oysters that Roche Bros./ Sudbury Farms is offering this week as a part of their special "Oyster Week" celebration. I enjoyed 7 different oysters primarily from the Narragansett and Cape Cod areas with one oyster representing Prince Edward Island. Here is my reaction to all 7 oysters in the order I experienced them.

Rome Point, Narragansett Bay..... These were farm raised oysters that could be described as "full strength saltwater".  They were light with a sweet finish and very smooth to the taste. Rate them 2 oysters (on a 5 oyster scale).

Riptide from Westport River, MA.... These were very full bodied, ocean tasting, very soft to the palette and with a very robust meaty sensation. Slightly mineral on the end which is typical for this oyster type. 3 oysters.

Onset from Buzzards Bay..... These oysters come from the "shallows" and, therefore, are not nearly as salty as some other types. They had a light flavor and were very creamy to chew. 2.5 oysters

Marion Point, West Buzzards Bay....some say creamy others say buttery...either way, delicious. They were very clean tasting with some brininess to start out.  3 oysters for sure!

Malpeques, PEI..... Some salt, but not dominant since they come from the pristine waters of PEI. Buttery with a good balance with ocean brininess. Great on the half shell which is my way to enjoy these critters.
3.5 oysters.

Katama Bay, Martha's Vineyard.... This little bay separates Chappaquiddick from the rest of Martha's Vineyard. So you should expect to have low salinity which they did exhibit, but enough brine to satisfy. Buttery and very light on the palette. In case you are interested in the derivation of the name, Katama means "crab fishing place" in the original Wampanoag language. 2 oysters

Wellfleet, Cape Cod.... Some say the best in the world which I am sure the French and the Canadiens would argue vehemently against. If you can try them, go for it! Enough salinity to know they were in the ocean hours before. Smooth, on the light side, and extremely satisfying. They met/beat my expectations! 4 oysters.

Roche Bros/ Sudbury Farms did a very good job of keeping their oysters on ice and ensuring that their customers went home with oysters that were in tip top condition. Thanks again to Kevin Fry, Store Manager in Sudbury for his hospitality. Don't forget, it is Oyster Week so the buying is excellent!  Stop by and tell them your friends from Go Shuck An Oyster sent you.