6 Great Oyster Opening Kits to Choose From

Oyster Opening Kits to Consider

Great for shellfish and seafood lovers. Kit includes: 
1 Stainless Steel Oyster Knife - 6 Oyster Forks - 1 Shucking Cut Resistant Cloth, and a luxury gift box.

Professional Oyster Shucker Clam Knife Oyster Opener Tool in Lovely Box

Oysters Shucker Shell Opener Kit with Oyster Shucking Knife Glove and Clamp

Oyster Shucking Knife and Gloves Cut Resistant Gift Set

Oyster Shucking Knife and Glove 

Oyster Shucker with Oyster Shucking Knife & 6 PCS Stainless Steel Oyster Shell