Before Shucking Oysters, Consider Proper Supplies

Before Shucking Oysters, Consider Proper Supplies

Thinking about opening oysters yourself? 

Good, you came to the right place. Shucking oysters isn't too difficult, especially with the right supplies. With the proper tools, such as an oyster knife (not a screwdriver), and protective gloves (not snow gloves), you should have a great time and a safe experience opening oysters.

Here are some supplies that you might want to consider:

For Safety:

Oyster Knife

An oyster knife is one of the most important tools for opening an oyster. Currently, I often find myself using a knife by Toadfish. Here is an example:

Oyster Glove

Another must-have item for opening oysters is a safe glove. Consider a cut resistant glove, like this one:

For Fun:

Oysters should be fun! Otherwise, what's the point!?

I find having mini disposable forks around when serving oysters helpful and fun.
Here are two options:

Looking to really step up your oyster game? Shaved ice might help.Why shaved ice? It's great for plating/serving oysters and for keeping your oysters cold. 
If you're thinking about grilling your oysters, try a Cast Iron Oyster Pan:

Need More Help Opening Oysters?

If you're afraid of using an oyster shucking knife or if you think you might need additional help opening oysters, consider the following:

Whatever you decide, just be safe and have fun. Now, get some supplies and then Go Shuck An Oyster!