Loftin Oyster Shell Stoneware - A Great Product for Oyster Lovers

oyster shippingWe love checking our email and seeing a request for us to sample oysters or oyster related products.  Not too long ago, we received a request from Loftin Oysters.  They wanted us to sample their shells.  Yes, their shells - no oysters, just shells.  We were intrigued.  A quick look at shed some clarity on the request. Loftin makes beautiful stoneware that looks like an oyster shell - a perfect product for cooking and displaying your oysters.

loftin oystersA few days later we received a shipment of shells. Carefully and artfully packed, our shells arrived in a beautiful bag. Each Loftin shell is hand-crafted, asymmetric and unique - just like a fresh oyster's shell.

loftin stonewareA few days later, we went shopping for oysters.  We drove to Cape Cod and visited the Clam Man in Falmouth, MA for the first time and purchased oysters from Martha's Vineyard.  The oyster tag indicated they had been out of the water for just a few days so we selected those over the other offerings.  Then, Rachel and I shucked them and placed the oyster in the Loftin Oyster stoneware.  (Many of Loftin's customers purchase fresh shucked ousters in pints, 1/2 gallons, or gallons from a local seafood market.)

loftinThen we had fun decorating each oyster with some of our favorite baking items: cheese, spinach, a dollop of sriracha, and a squirt of lemon.  We let them bake for about 8 minutes on 350 degrees.  After a few minutes of cooling time, delish! 

The oyster shell stoneware also works great as a serving piece for other seafood related items.  Tonight we had some raw tuna so we used the stoneware to showcase our appetizer that contained a slice of raw tuna, scallion, lemon wedge, and a hit of hot sauce.  The stoneware is prefect for all your seafood amuse bouche recipes. 
oyster amuse bouche

The stoneware adds a nice decorative feature to the oysters.  Perfect for a party or dinner with guests.  After all, food that looks great tastes that much better!

Cleaning was as simple as rinsing them off with a soapy sponge and then letting them dry overnight.  

Overall we really enjoyed using the oyster shell stoneware for the first time.  When the weather warms here, we will try them on the grill.  We are excited to get many uses out of these gems and show off our baked or grilled oysters in our new decorative stoneware.

Get yours today online here. In the notes section of your order enter "GSAO" (for "Go Shuck An Oyster") and you'll receive 10% off AND, if you order 2 bags you'll receive free shipping! That's a savings of $6 or $22 from your friends at Go Shuck An Oyster.

Know someone who likes oysters?  Oyster Shell Stoneware from Loftin Oysters makes a great gift too!