Oysters for Thanksgiving and Christmas

Here is a list of our top five places to choose from to order your oysters for Thanksgiving and Christmas:

Island Creek Oysters
- Fresh oysters from Duxbury, MA, razor clams by the pound, or try the "Yankee Thanksgiving sampler" which contains one dozen of three oyster varieties (Island Creeks, Moon Shoals, and Chathams) from Cape Cod, a shucking knife and gloves.  With all that other food, three dozen is the perfect amount to add to your Thanksgiving wherever you live.

American Mussel Harvesters
- Live mussels, oysters and clams shipped daily fast and fresh.
- Read a review from our blog

Taylor Shellfish Farms
- Fresh shellfish from the Pacific Northwest including: oysters, clams, mussels and geoduck.
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Farm 2 Market - F2M
- Your order will leave the farm and arrive the next morning to your kitchen, anywhere in America.
- Enter Promotional Code: GoShuck to receive a free oyster shucking knife.
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H.M. Terry Company, Inc.
- Fresh ocean oysters and clams from VA. 
- Read a review from our blog.

Don't forget your oyster shucking knife and glove.  Pick up a few for yourself and your holiday guests. 

Happy holidays!