Comparison of Oyster Shucking Knives: by Jerilee Beitzel

oyster shucking knife collection
Selecting a Good Oyster Knife.  A comparison of brands of oyster knives:

The first thing anyone wishing to shuck oysters should do, is obtain the best oyster knife that they can afford. This is a purchase that ensures that not only will you have the right tool for the job, but also will be helping to make the process of shucking a little less dangerous.

Far too often, oyster harvesters purchase cheap oyster knives and find themselves with a nasty cut or nick, when the flimsy knife breaks. As with anything, do your research before you buy a good quality oyster knife. Your fingers may thank you. Here are this author's opinions on the following five oyster knives on the market:

The reason you need a real oyster knife is that it is designed for the specific task of prying oysters open. Other knives aren't up to the task. You'll need this important addition to your kitchen culinary supplies.Some oyster knives vary in the shape of the blade. Usually, the blade is somewhat triangular shaped, short, and blunt.

oyster knife1. Gourmac 323771 Oyster Knives, 3 assorted Oyster Shell Handles, currently retailing for around $15.00

While moderately priced as a set of three, these oyster knives were not meant for serious shucking of oysters, because the handles are not comfortable. The knife blade is also too flimsy.

2. OXO Good Grips Oyster Knife,  a set of two currently retails for around $20.00.
how to open an oyster
This stainless steel and black non-slip plastic oyster knife is of a good size
for shucking at 7 inches. Supposedly, the handle absorbs pressure while you shuck but I found no discernable difference in it and other oyster knives. It is dishwasher safe. However, it has been my experience, that this particular inexpensive oyster knife will break, when you least expect it.

open an oyster
3. I had better luck with a Chroma USA Oyster/Paring Knife, that while a little pricey was a very comfortable short, thick bladed oyster knife. This professional Japanese steel bladed knife retails between $40-$50. This is a very well made knife.

knife for oyster
4. One of my favorite knives for shucking oysters is the Wusthof Oyster knife. It is truly a quality stainless steel bladed knife of a very comfortable size that retails between $45-65.00. Sorry I don't have a picture of it, as it was borrowed from another oyster-shucking aficionado.

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knife for shucking oysters
5. A more modestly priced better oyster-shucking knife is the Victorinox Oyster knife. This oyster knife is a high quality carbon stainless steeled blade and larger handled than others. It retails for a moderately priced $25-$30.

Overall, I would recommend, in the following order:
    -  Wusthof Oyster knife,
    -  Chroma USA Oyster/Paring knife,
    -  Victorinox Oyster knife.

The selection of a good oyster shucking knife boils down to personal preference and common sense. Oyster shucking can be slightly dangerous, so keep in mind that a good forged knife is always better than a stamped knife. A good quality knife, while more expensive, is simply a better knife.

article written by Jerilee Beitzel, used with permission.

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